Home Care Facts

Home care is a type of health care that is provided in the home of the patient. While it may sometimes be provided by doctors and nurses, it may also be provided by family members as well. While home care will often refer to people who are not medically trained, the term home health care will often refer to treatment that is given to the patient in their homes by licensed doctors or nurses. In the Unite States, both terms are used to refer to care that is given by both non-licensed caregivers and doctors or nurses.

The purpose of home care is to allow a patient to receive care at home instead of being admitted to an institution such as a hospital. The health care professionals will visit the patient, and will help them with a number of different tasks. Some of these tasks include dressing, hygiene, shopping, cooking, or assistance with taking medication. The type of home care that is offered will vary in different nations. For example, there are substantial differences in home care between the United States and The United Kingdom.  In the US, health care professionals will visit the patient based on a schedule that is determined by a doctor who is licensed.

The insurance the patient has will also play a role in this as well. In the UK, the care will be provided two times a day. The US is one of the most informal places to receive home care. The vast majority of care that is given to a patient will be provided by their friends or family. Some of the professionals that may work with these families are social workers, mental health specialists, and respiratory therapists. In some cases, the primary doctor may visit patients. In most situations, home care will be paid by either employer insurance or public organizations such as Medicaid or Medicare. The patient or their families may also pay as well.

To determine the amount of care a patient needs, there are six factors that must be taken into consideration, and these are called activities of daily living. These activities are eating, restroom usage, dressing, bathing, walking, and transferring. In addition to these factors, a patient may also need help shopping, cooking, or handling their own money. To be a home care worker, there are a number of qualifications that a person must have. They must have a high school diploma or GED, and some organizations will require workers to have a year of experience, and they will need to take examinations.

Home care workers must understand safety procedures, and they must also know how to properly give personal care. They should be skilled with using equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, or lifts. They should understand the importance of being sanitary, and they should be proficient in preparing or handling food. In addition to this, health workers must be able to monitor and record any changes in the condition of the patient they're caring for. A lot of the necessary requirements involve common sense. Many people who become home care workers will have experience working in Nursing homes, and may become Certified Nursing Assitants as well.

Everyone Wants To Find Different Fundraiser Ideas

Finding new fundraiser ideas is a full time job because everyone wants to come up with something new in fundraising. They want people to sit up and take notice and of course contribute to the cause. There are different types of fundraiser ideas you can come up with through different kinds of software. Quite often the fund raising committee spends a lot of time debating the merits of different ideas and finding ways to make them a reality.

Each fundraiser idea that a committee develops is a part of a fund raising event and often needs a lot of work. A fund raising committee starts with an idea and then has to put a lot of effort into planning an event that will draw in crowds of people to purchase a product or play a game.

A typical fundraising event is a bake sale or a car wash. While they are good fundraiser ideas, they are also a bit old-fashioned and people today are always on the look out for unique fund raising ideas. Every organization has to rely on fundraising for the bulk of its operating capital. In any one town, there are several organizations competing for the money that people have to spend on fundraising. This is why they spend a lot of time trying to come up with original ideas.

Since everyone has to eat and they don’t like to cook, a take out supper always seems to be a great fund raiser idea. Whether you have a cold plate or a hot supper, as long as the committee can deliver the supper, people always want to support the fundraising event. With this type of fund raising idea, when you have a lot of volunteers to donate and cook the food, you will realize a good profit. However, the work of getting this kind of idea to work well for you, there is a lot of preparatory work by making phone calls to get the orders.

Fundraiser ideas include all kinds of sales of everything from pens to cookies. Christmas is a popular time of year to host a fund raising event because people are always looking for gift ideas for family and friends. Every organization is out and about at this time of year with ticket sweeps, flea markets and games of fun and chance. If you have a unique fundraiser idea, why don’t you pass it along to a volunteer that you know?

You need to put a lot of thought into it when looking for fundraiser ideas.

Best Small Business Idea -- It's All About You

Getting More Focused --  It’s All About You

Jeanna Pool from Catalyst Creative writes a great ezine on marketing each month.  In January she shared 5 Great Marketing Tips for 2006.  Number 1 was “Stop Focusing on You”.  She declares 2006 the year of the client and exhorts you to focus totally on your clients and their needs.  I think she’s right on.  And I think she’s completely wrong.  Why right and wrong?

Because if you’ve been in business for awhile and have great products and great services and aren’t getting the results you want, you may be too focused on your clients and not focused enough on yourself.  Last week, I encouraged your to revisit your vision of your business and ask yourself why you started your business in the first place.  Now I want you to focus even more on what you want.  What exactly do you want out of your business?  Do you want more money?  If so, how much?  Write down a number.  Do you want more flexible hours?  If so, write out exactly the schedule you’d like.  Do you want to change the world?  If so, write out specifically how that would look.

Why all this focus on you?  Because if you aren’t absolutely clear on what you want, how are you going to know if you are successful?  How are you going help your clients if you aren’t taking care of yourself as well.  Maybe you need to be making $150,000 a year to provide your family with the life that you wanted.  You want to send your kids to college.  You want to retire while you are still in active and in good health.  Or maybe you want to just make an extra $20,000 a year working part-time while you take care of your children until they are in school.  Or perhaps your goal is to make a million dollars a year and live a really incredible life.  Defining this is very important.  Why?

Because what you want will shape your business.  It will determine who your customers are and how you will help them.  If you want $5,000,000 in sales, your products and methods are going to be a whole lot different than if you want $50,000 in sales.  If you want to work only afternoons, that is going to shape your business as well.  If you want to sell your business and retire in five years, that’s going to affect your decisions as well.  So right now, get out a paper and pen and get ready to write.

Did you get your pen and paper out?  Answer the question, “What do I want out of my business?”   Write in as much detail exactly what you want your business to give you.  Be as specific as possible.  Write as much as you can.  Think income, lifestyle, schedule, partners, travel, location, employees.  What exactly do you want?  Throughout the week, add to this and revise it.  Compare where you are right now to what you really want.  How large is the gap?  Next week, I’ll help you create a plan to narrow the gap with:  Why Business Plans Don’t Work  -- How to Create an Effective Action Plan

Are You Ready to Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

Do you run your own small business and try to do it all yourself? Why?  Shouldn’t you spend your time doing what you do best- whether it is selling and marketing, customer service or making decisions on how to grow your business?

An entrepreneur tries to juggle many balls each day, but sooner or later one of them is going to be dropped.  A smart business owner will realize that he/she can’t do everything because there are only 24 hours in a day.  Unless you are extremely organized and enjoy working with numbers, then maybe you need to outsource this job.  Too many business owners spend their time doing what they are not very good at simply because they don’t know how to go about finding someone to do that job for them.

Where do you start?  Ask your accountant for referrals.  Obviously you don’t need a full-time person to do your books, so your best bet is to look for someone who wants to moonlight at a part-time job.  There are also bookkeepers with their own small business who are looking for clients.  If you don’t have any other employees, this situation will work best for you because you can pay them as a subcontractor instead of an employee on payroll. However, you will need to give them a Form 1099 at year end for tax purposes. But, since they are accounting experts, they can help you with that task too.

You should interview your prospective bookkeeper just as you would if you were hiring him/her as an employee.  Ask for a resume and references, and check them out.  Since this person will be handling your confidential records, you want someone who is trustworthy.

Depending on your location, you should expect to pay between $15 and $50 an hour for a bookkeeper. Don’t necessarily hire the one who offers the lowest rate- remember you get what you pay for.  The more experienced person will cost you more, but will provide valuable input and suggestions to streamline your business that will wind up saving you money in the long run.

Since this person will be working closely with you in your business, you should feel comfortable with him or her.  If you have any reservations about this person, go on to the next candidate.

While the selection process may take a while, it will be worth it later.  Take your time to find the perfect bookkeeper, and in a few months you’ll wonder how you ever managed to run your business before you hired one.

Ways That Computer Viruses Spread

For a virus or similar program to have any great impact it needs to be able to spread from one machine to another. They are specifically designed to get access to parts of your computer system that allow for communication with other machines. Below is a discussion of some of the most common methods.

Boot Infectors

Every disk (hard disk, floppy, CD, DVD) contains a boot sector whether it is a bootable disk or not. When a computer is turned on, it looks for boot information. If the computer finds a disk with boot information, it reads that information and uses it to properly start the computer. If for some reason that boot information is infected with a virus, the virus is activated and possibly transferred to the computer's hard drive (if the infection was on a CD for example).

Once the boot code on the hard drive is infected the virus will be loaded into your computer's memory every time you start your computer. From memory the boot virus can travel to any and every disk that is put into your computer. This is how the infection spreads.

Most boot viruses could be on a system for a long time without causing problems, simply existing there to spread themselves. Often such viruses are designed to activate their bad behaviour on a specific date (Halloween for example). There are some nasty boot viruses that will destroy the boot information or force a complete format of the hard drive immediately after they get into a computer.

Program Infectors

When an infected application is run the virus activates and is loaded into memory. While the virus is in memory any new program file that you run can become infected. This means that there will be increasingly more applications on your system that are infected. Multiple infections are very common and will certainly cause system problems.

Program files may function without any problems for some time but eventually they will have problems or multiple infections brings the entire computer system down. The data the program produces may be a first sign of infection such as saving files without proper names, or with incorrect/incomplete data being saved.

Viruses of this type are often designed to seek out programs that are used to share information between users/computers such as email applications, screen savers, office document Macros, and self-extracting compressed files.

Through e-mail attachments

Many of the most dangerous viruses are primarily spread through e-mail attachments - files that can be sent along with an e-mail message. In such cases, the user of an infected computer unknowingly attaches an infected file to an email message, and then sends the email to a friend or colleague. When the email is received, the virus is launched when the file attachment is opened, thus infecting a new computer. Email messages with animations, automated greeting cards, jokes, photographs, spreadsheet and document files, all have been documented to contain virus files.

More and more frequently these days mass mailing email worms/viruses are being released. These attacks AUTOMATICALLY scan your computer's files for any email address it can find and then uses your email application to AUTOMATICALLY send infected messages to any email address found in any file on your computer (not just email message files).

It is important to be aware of the emails that you open to make sure that they do not contain harmful viruses. Even emails from family and friends could have a virus, if that person's computer is infected. This is where an anti-virus software would be really helpful in detecting if there is a virus in any incoming messages.

Choose The Right Burglar Alarm System

Security has now become a primary concern among people, especially for those who belong to the middle class and higher earning brackets. Everything needs to be protected since nobody can really be sure about his or her safety much less that of his or her own most prized possessions and properties. This need for safety does not only pertain to individuals alone. Corporations and business market players have also began to look into security as among its top concerns.

And to attend to such concerns and problems, Burglar alarm systems are now here to combat safety problems. These alarm systems serve as ever watchful eyes making sure that our houses and most important possessions are safely monitored even in our absence. It also serves as businesses’ watchmen on call 24/7.

Burglar alarm systems can be used for differing purposes. However, its main uses are as residential alarm systems or as commercial alarm systems. Each type differs from functionality and varies in accordance to the situations they are presumed to be valuable and useful.

The main intention of residential alarm systems is to provide home-owners with the much need security whether they are or they are not within the comfort of their homes. Burglar alarm systems for residential purposes are usually set up on the house entrance and the gates for unwanted visitors. Initially, it helps prevent people from getting into somebody else’s property without permission. At times, access codes may be required and failure in attempt would definitely spell trouble for the guest.

On the other hand, commercial burglar alarm systems are also being used to mainly prevent access of potential thieves. However, this particular system is a bit more complicated than residential types. Commercial types of burglar alarm systems do not only prevent thieves from entering into confidential premises but it also disenables that person to get out of a certain trap. Some types would enclose potential thieves until authorities arrive and verify the presence of the person within the place. This kind of burglar alarm system also triggers different authorities to immediately respond when the alarm fires off. You can perceive of it as a shield and a trap all in one system.

As you can see, burglar alarm systems are not just mediums for safety assurance. They also come in certain specializations to be able to suit differing needs of different people and different professions. As diverse these systems prove to be nowadays, take advantage of this opportunity and choose the right one which would fit your safety needs rather perfectly. After all, safety should never be compromised. Only the best should be considered when safety concerns are placed on the line.

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